Fareed Zakaria’s “Moonshots for the 21st Century on CNN”

 Moonshots for the 21st Century

 A Fareed Zakaria GPS Special Premiere

 In an hour-long Fareed Zakaria GPS special, Fareed explores inspiring futuristic endeavors in science and technology. Will astronauts reach Mars by the 2030s? Will it soon be possible to 3D-print human organs for transplant? Hear from the scientists who may turn these technological pipedreams into reality. The special also takes a look at harnessing the energy of nuclear fusion reactions to create a new limitless energy source, innovations in hypersonic flight and unlocking the power of the mind by mapping the brain. Key Guests: NASA Administrator Charles Bolden; Dr. Stuart Williams, Director of the Bioficial Organs Program at the University of Louisville ; ITER officials Ned Sauthoff, Gunther Janeschitz and Mark Henderson; Robert Mercier, deputy for technology in the high speed systems division at the Air Force Research Laboratory ; and theoretical physicist & futurist Dr. Michio Kaku.